Hyper-turbo Tournaments - How to Deal with Fast and Aggressive Poker Games

The increasing popularity of Hyper-turbo tournaments is proof that poker has been played faster over time and that this trend is poised to continue. Hyper-turbo tourneys are some of the most aggressive and fastest games in online casino.

With a smaller chip stack of 500 compared to regular poker, and the blinds increasing every two or three minutes, this kind of tournament is for the bold and daring. But even those who are not as brave can take part in this extremely exciting game with some tips to help fine-tune the strategy.

There are three key points to remember in hyper-turbo tournaments. First thing to consider is the gap concept. Although players need to be aggressive and positive in these SNG games, it is recommended to play tight in the early stages while there is a big gap between the hands a player can call a raise with and those that he can raise. The other thing to remember is the importance of position. The starting hand has much stricter requirement than when a player is in a blind or on the button. Finally, a player should know what kind of opponents he is up against and adjust his strategy accordingly. A player needs to open his calling range and just work backward to figure out which hands to shove.

Starting with 500 chips, a player will have greater flexibility in hyper-turbo tournaments. A player can afford to watch his opponents and see who plays suited cards or ace rag. Doing this would help him to adjust his strategy later on in the game, particularly for all-in moves. In addition, he can take note of opponents who make different bets according to the strength of their cards, those who slow-play, and those who shove with over 20 big blinds. These are signs that these opponents are not likely to be strong players.

As mentioned earlier, it is wise to play tight in the early stages but maintaining this strategy in later position still has some merits, especially while the blinds are not worth the steal yet. Managing the stack size is essential since in hyper-turbo tournaments, it usually determines a player's decision. So it is a good idea to do smaller raises to better conserve chips.