Turbo Poker Tournaments - How to Beat This Speedy Game

Turbo poker tournaments gained popularity in 2011. With this game, the time spent playing poker is reduced considerably. A regular online tournament would take at least six hours to end while a turbo tournament would be anywhere from two to five hours.

This is a fun version since it appeals to lots of recreational customers such as those who are busy with work or study. This version is often treated as an entertainment. That is why turbo poker tournaments fields are usually softer than the regular counterparts.

One disadvantage is that there is not enough chance to use skill advantage, particularly the post flop skill. But for customers who are there just for recreation, this could be an advantage as well since less experienced gamers have a higher chance of making money if good players could not put much of their skills to use.

In turbo poker tournaments you need to work quickly on building your chip stack while still taking into consideration good poker techniques. It is not a good idea to wait for hands since you will not have enough opportunity to accumulate enough chips. To win here, it is best to take advantage while your opponents adjust to the fast pace.

The initial stage is very similar to regular poker version, except that here, this part of the tournament is a lot shorter. When the blinds rise to 150 - 200 chips, you would not be able to call bets that often. The key here is to be the first one in the pot. Your opponents would be raising with a bit weaker to be ahead of blinds. You can then adjust and re-raise accordingly. This way, you could win bigger than just stealing blinds.

If you have small stack in the mid stage, you would need good all-in strategy. It would mean having a good estimate of the hand ranges your opponents would call you with. You could call light in some instances but it is advisable to be the aggressor at this stage.

When you reach the final table with a short stack, your fold or all-in play would be really significant. The distribution of prize money would affect what hand you could call with and how you would play all-in.