What's The Difference Between Sit N Go And Ring Games

What is the difference between Sit n' Go and Ring Games? This is perhaps the most common question asked by beginners on the internet. While there are people trying to help these novices out, they fail to deliver that information in a manner that they would understand.

Players that are new to the poker scene are often worried about the kind of game they should opt for since they are afraid of the risk they entail. Of course they are prepared for some losses having no experience in money gambling but its best to minimize risks at the time during initiation.

Sit n' Go

A lot of poker players prefer to take this road because of the lack of risk that it entails. Since it is less expensive to play this version, Sit n' Go's are extremely popular as a Poker game to gain entry. You can even try out various strategies in this version to gain winnings. The strategies however should not become your standard plan of action in poker since they most probably won't work should you try Ring games.

The best way to go about Sit n' Go poker is to wait patiently with your hand until you receive a big hand.

The only limitation in this version is that there is a cap on the limit and that a lot of consistency and patience is required to increase your long term chances of winning.

Ring Games

These are very different from the previous option and entail much more risk. This risk however also means that you can gain a lot more in winnings and rake backs.

Before going for Ring games, it's best to ensure that you are comfortable playing with large sums of money. This nervousness at the time of betting and playing may be detrimental to your overall strategy.

In Ring Games you need to be much more careful about betting and reading opponent behaviors because of the higher risk and quality of players.

In Conclusion

If you're new to poker, the best way is to start off with Sit n' Go tournaments and then make a slow transition towards Ring games. This will allow you to get a better idea of how to play poker for money before you take any high risks. In the SNG vs. Ring games battle, the final decision depends on your expertise and experience in the game.